Pack-O-Fun magazine – the debut

19510501 Build-A Products paid for groceries but little else. Mom and Dad, now in their early thirties, wanted to create something with a future. Mom had proven to be a guru full of ideas for turning empty boxes, egg cartons and plastic bottles into gifts, games and toys. Could they make a living from that?Continue reading “Pack-O-Fun magazine – the debut”

The Pack-O-Fun Backstory

I was only ten years old when my parents, Edna and John Clapper, published the first issue of Pack-O-Fun magazine, but I can still recall some of their adventure. That they knew nothing of publishing is an understatement. * * * Dad’s family lived in Minnesota and had been hard hit by the depression. HisContinue reading “The Pack-O-Fun Backstory”

John and Edna Clapper enter Craft and Hobby Hall of Fame

20150111 In January of 2015, my parents, John and Edna Clapper, were inducted into the Craft and Hobby Hall of Fame. The following is my acceptance of this honor on their behalf at the awards ceremony: A few weeks ago I began reading a message from Mark Lee, Chairman of your Awards Committee. I sayContinue reading “John and Edna Clapper enter Craft and Hobby Hall of Fame”

Hobby Industry of America Award to Edna and John Clapper

20010130 Acceptance of award by Lyle Clapper at annual dinner and awards banquet. This is a great honor from you who are creators of real wealth. Contrary to conventional wisdom, wealth is not money. Wealth is goods and services. Money is just a convenient scorekeeping medium for exchanging those valuable goods and services. Wealth canContinue reading “Hobby Industry of America Award to Edna and John Clapper”

Pack-O-Fun at 25 years

19510601 The following is an introduction to a special edition of Pack-O-Fun magazine published on it’s 25th anniversary: Remember those musty old photo albums … the ones with pictures of your parents when they were younger than you are now … pictures so fragile you were afraid they’d fall apart in your hands? That’s exactlyContinue reading “Pack-O-Fun at 25 years”

Business planning? Do it three times.

Originally posted to on May 26, 2015 Why three plans? Almost everyone knows that before investing in a new business idea it’s not only a good idea to make a plan, in most cases it’s required. But many don’t realize how important it is to have not one but three plans. Instead of “Good,Continue reading “Business planning? Do it three times.”

What’s so hard to take?

Originally posted to ontheroadagainagain on January 29, 2015 On Sunday, January 4, 2015, I launched a three month adventure through the Southwest. While unfortunates in the rest of the country were suffering wintry weather, I would enjoy cactus and sunshine. Although most of the trip would be at my usual stressful pace of fifty toContinue reading “What’s so hard to take?”