Four Generations of Skinnies

20210111 Sunday morning text from Jeff, “Wanna join us for virtual church and skinnies?” For the uninitiated, this was not about praying for a trim waistline. Jeff was offering to continue a tradition begun by his grandma more than fifty years ago. Skinnies meant pancakes that were as large as a dinner plate, but thinnerContinue reading “Four Generations of Skinnies”

Christmas in the Time of Covid

20210108 Christmas season began with a bang. Or should I say a doorbell. When we opened the door, what to our wondering eyes should appear but an elf and two pair of jammies. It was The Elf on the Shelf. And he was especially exciting for us, having previously met his mates Noggin and WoodenContinue reading “Christmas in the Time of Covid”

The Pack-O-Fun Backstory

I was only ten years old when my parents, Edna and John Clapper, published the first issue of Pack-O-Fun magazine, but I can still recall some of their adventure. That they knew nothing of publishing is an understatement. * * * Dad’s family lived in Minnesota and had been hard hit by the depression. HisContinue reading “The Pack-O-Fun Backstory”

GrandpaLyle Day Care

20160820 If Daddy Day Care sounds a bit iffy, then GrandpaLyle Day Care must be a place responsible parents would shun completely. Yet one day while Alice was still wearing three-cornered undies, all other options were gone. Her regular school was closed for the day and Mommy, Daddy and Gria all had day long meetings.Continue reading “GrandpaLyle Day Care”

“Disco” flights for Payton and Alex

20180808 This morning I bolted awake with a frightening thought: In just a few hours my grandsons Payton and Alex will be at the airport looking forward to their first flying lesson. And they’re expecting me to be their instructor. Gulp. Yes, I’ve been flying for more than fifty years. Yes, I’ve logged five thousandContinue reading ““Disco” flights for Payton and Alex”