Aviation statistics – the beginning for a pilot

190601 Nearly sixty years ago I realized that simply because I was pretty good at math and science . . .  and my father and grandfather were engineers . . . and engineering was the gold ticket for young men (and a few very independent women) . . . didn’t mean I had to beContinue reading “Aviation statistics – the beginning for a pilot”

Another rite of passage – the pilot retires his flight bag

May 21, 2019 It’s really true, GrandpaLyle’s Ark will launch from NW Arkansas again in July. Headed north for a couple days in the Chicago area, then on from there to somewhere. The Ark was sidelined recently so I could take a stab at being young again. Let me explain. About two years ago aContinue reading “Another rite of passage – the pilot retires his flight bag”

Oshkosh – The world’s busiest airport – part 2

Originally posted May 6, 2016 More than a year ago I posted part one of this story with the promise of “more to come.” But I never finished. Just a week ago Bill, my partner in the adventure, shared his version. He tells it better than I ever could. Thanks, Bill. Not only for theContinue reading “Oshkosh – The world’s busiest airport – part 2”

Oshkosh – The world’s busiest airport

Originally published February 11, 2015 While tooling down the road in GrandpaLyle’s Ark, I thought of Bill Reyer, a dear friend who lives in New York, and how much I thought he would enjoy being on the road like I was. It wasn’t long after that that we talked and I shared these thoughts withContinue reading “Oshkosh – The world’s busiest airport”

Situational awareness

Originally posted to ontheroadagainagain.com on October 22, 2014 A dear friend and operator of a top quality flight school posed this question in a lesson. Although he was teaching aspiring pilots, the lesson applies to a host of life situations: “You are driving down a four-lane highway. There are high curbs on either side ofContinue reading “Situational awareness”