A Mountaintop Experience

Shortly after high school graduation, our son Jeff and a close friend proposed to their fathers an adventure. The four of us would have a father-son bonding experience leaving the modern world behind and following the path of the voyagers through what is now Quetico Provincial Park in Canada. Always ready for an adventure, IContinue reading “A Mountaintop Experience”

Oshkosh – The world’s busiest airport – part 2

Originally posted May 6, 2016 More than a year ago I posted part one of this story with the promise of “more to come.” But I never finished. Just a week ago Bill, my partner in the adventure, shared his version. He tells it better than I ever could. Thanks, Bill. Not only for theContinue reading “Oshkosh – The world’s busiest airport – part 2”

Oshkosh – The world’s busiest airport

Originally published February 11, 2015 While tooling down the road in GrandpaLyle’s Ark, I thought of Bill Reyer, a dear friend who lives in New York, and how much I thought he would enjoy being on the road like I was. It wasn’t long after that that we talked and I shared these thoughts withContinue reading “Oshkosh – The world’s busiest airport”