A Mountaintop Experience

Shortly after high school graduation, our son Jeff and a close friend proposed to their fathers an adventure. The four of us would have a father-son bonding experience leaving the modern world behind and following the path of the voyagers through what is now Quetico Provincial Park in Canada. Always ready for an adventure, IContinue reading “A Mountaintop Experience”

Cookies aren’t what they used to be.

Ever wonder how web developers coined the term cookies? Nearly 40 years ago, as Marie and I were expecting our first child together, we were enjoying a family dinner with hers and my children. In a rare moment of family unity, they shared curiosity about what this new baby would be like. What would heContinue reading “Cookies aren’t what they used to be.”

Aviation statistics – the beginning for a pilot

190601 Nearly sixty years ago I realized that simply because I was pretty good at math and science . . .  and my father and grandfather were engineers . . . and engineering was the gold ticket for young men (and a few very independent women) . . . didn’t mean I had to beContinue reading “Aviation statistics – the beginning for a pilot”

Pack-O-Fun at 25 years

The following is an introduction to a special edition of Pack-O-Fun magazine published on it’s 25th anniversary: Remember those musty old photo albums … the ones with pictures of your parents when they were younger than you are now … pictures so fragile you were afraid they’d fall apart in your hands? That’s exactly theContinue reading “Pack-O-Fun at 25 years”

Things I love about GrandpaLyle’s Ark

Originally posted to ontheroadagainagain on February 5, 2020 . . . in no particular order: Adventure: It’s delivered me safely to all four corners of the 48 states and parts of Canada.  Wrap: I wanted to create something unique. And I did. It’s often the opening to a nice conversation . . . or even a delightfulContinue reading “Things I love about GrandpaLyle’s Ark”

Another rite of passage – the pilot retires his flight bag

May 21, 2019 It’s really true, GrandpaLyle’s Ark will launch from NW Arkansas again in July. Headed north for a couple days in the Chicago area, then on from there to somewhere. The Ark was sidelined recently so I could take a stab at being young again. Let me explain. About two years ago aContinue reading “Another rite of passage – the pilot retires his flight bag”

What does an aging hippie do?

Originally posted to ontheroadagainagain on May 15, 2018 As I fantasized about transforming the In-turd-er into GrandpaLyle’s Ark I dreamed of the life I missed when I was in my hurry-up years. You know: hurry-up and drive, hurry up and finish school, hurry-up and get a job, hurry-up and get married, hurry-up and buy aContinue reading “What does an aging hippie do?”

Don’t give in to the brat.

Originally posted to ontheroadagainagain on October 1, 2016 Last night at Old Forge Camping Resort I vowed to hike the nature trail in the morning. This morning as the sun came up there was no part of me that wanted to leave the warm sheets and soft pillow. But I did. A lesson in theContinue reading “Don’t give in to the brat.”