Believe the GPS: Low bridge, everybody down.

Originally posted to on September 15, 2016

Last night I must have been completely fried. Exhausted enough to sleep for days, I paid for two nights. But I really wanted to get right back on the road. In the morning, the proprietor at Wishing Start Campground in Shediac, NB, could see that I looked refreshed . . . then, as nicely as could be, gave me full credit for the second night. (Not all places will do this.) When I checked in, I must have looked as bad as I felt. Very nice.

Followed the Acadian Coastal Drive in Eastern New Brunswick as closely as possible, Gypsy (GPS) clearly showing every road. Then for no apparent reason, she insisted on a twenty kilometer detour. Not just once, but demanding a U-turn at every opportunity. I should have listened – she was guiding me away from bridges with clearance and weight limitations that would scalp the Ark and possibly send me for an icy swim. Thank goodness they were well marked. And thank goodness for the Convert Free app – the signs were all in metric.

Best and worse on the evening’s hike: Worst – for the first time the mosquitos got to me. Best – the sunset was, well, look at the pictures.

Trail in Kouchibouguac National Park
Gobs of birds feeding in the sand (mud)
And, of course, the sunset itself – complete with jets racing across the sky

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